Ceiling fans add to the cooling load?

Did you know ceiling fans can actually add to the cooling load of your house? ┬áRead here for more…

Hot Ceiling Fan


  1. John Harris says

    As I go through my first summer in a new (old) house I am experiencing the benefits of ceiling fans for the first time. But the warning from the GBA article is well taken. Air movement, whether from ceiling fans or other types, is only useful for comfort when you are there to feel the breeze

    Interestingly leaving the furnace fan on has a whole series of subtle implications that make it NOT wise to do in our climate, even if it is an EE motor. Although you can get some modest de-stratification it will have a negative impact on de-humidification. In a typical canadian climate we need de-humidification much more than cooling.

    Good article, although his closing comment about the observed temperature of the Big Ass Fan (gotta love the name) is a bit misleading. The wattage of the fan is getting into the house and adding to the cooling load regardless of the surface temperature of the unit. Yes, it is much lower wattage for an electrically efficient fan, but it is still getting into the house. Same goes for EE furnace fans.

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