HERS Training-Aug. 6,7,8

We would like to invite you to a 3 day HERS Training course held on August 6,7 and 8 at Henry Canada Company Inc in Scarborough.

This interactive course will prepare you for home energy audits, the CRESNET Rater test, introduce you to REM/Rate software and will look at HERS’ relationship with the Ontario Building Code.

Please fill in the attached registration form and submit it to Clearsphere to reserve your place in the course.

Aug 2013 HERS Registration


189 Maplehurst Avenue
Toronto, ON M2N 3C3
t- (416) 481-4218
f- (416) 481-4695


  1. Gord Cooke says

    With all due respect to John and Clearsphere, because I really do appreciate his efforts to offer training and to bring in an alternative rating system such as HERs, I do have to question the comment regarding this training that says participants will be prepared for the CRESNET test. It is my understanding that the test is a slightly modified version of the US RESNET test, that as a group CRESNET has been only allowed to see and modify the test once. Even the instructor of the two courses run so far admitted they have not seen the test and therefore struggle to ensure participants are prepared for the test. As a result when I sent two very bright, very committed people to HERs rating courses previously neither were able to pass the test. Then in the testing and evaluation process, participants are not given feedback as to which answers they got wrong, so my folks have no idea what to study or work on to prepare them for a retest.

    I would be pleased to send someone to this course if I am assured that the test is now truly a Canadian test, someone instructing the course knows what’s on the test and participants who are unsuccessful will be given a chance to rewrite after being shown what they got wrong on their first attempt.

    • Michael White says

      Like Gord I very much appreciate all of the efforts of the many individuals who have worked toward bringing an alternative rating system to Canada. Competition is good and once other programs and compliance options are available they will be chosen on their merits and strengths rather than because they are the only game in town.
      I took the inaugural course in September of 2011 so it had been two years since learning the material and subsequently challenging the exam. Due to time constraints I had little time to prepare for this challenge… 1 hour at Clearsphere’s office last week (thanks guys!) then a college/university style cramming session the night before the exam. I found much of the content overlaps ESNH and the Energuide for Houses program so focused primarily on HERS specific content. (Formulas, definitions, abbreviations, ASHRAE methodology, etc.)
      The test facility was well appointed for the exam. Onsite Wi-Fi allows candidates to log in on their personal laptops, and the exam is a 50 question multiple choice / true or false format. The exam is two hours in duration and begins once you click the “Start” button after logging in with the information provided by the Proctor. The format and process are similar to the Evaluator/Advisor Exams put out by NRCan… the main difference being you can’t do it from home, or the office, or your best friend’s office… (I digress.)
      The content was more or less what I expected… I’m not a big fan of multiple choice format however the logistics of marking a short answer exam would be a nightmare. The other benefit is you get your result immediately upon completing the exam. I finished the exam in a little under 1 hour (you’re allowed 2) and spent an additional 20 minutes reviewing. In the end I wound up getting 5 questions incorrect and as pointed out I didn’t get to see which 5 they were. That said, NRCan didn’t provide specific direction in their Advisor Candidate exam reviews either. A more general approach was taken where they might indicate that this candidate failed the exam and needs to brush up on Building Science and Geometry… etc.
      I presume some of the frustration and problems may stem from the differences between the HERS methodologies and what we’ve come to accept as the norm with Hot2000 and Energuide procedures. In fairness to the process if you’re going to do both you’ll need to have the ability to switch gears mid stream depending on the project you’re working on.
      To summarize I found the questions to be relevant to the content that was delivered in the HERS Rater Training Course. Multiple choice questions by design will trick you from time to time though I didn’t find the questions on my exam much different from the several I’ve done through NRCan.

  2. Peter Reynolds says

    I had hoped to attend with one employee, however with notification coming out Tuesday of this week for a three day commitment for early next week I cannot change me schedule that quickly. Hopefully next time.

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