Cross Border Challenge 2015



How low can you go?

A friendly competition between American and Canadian builders to see can build a home with the lowest HERS score.  The winners in different categories will be announced at the RESNET 2015 Conference  February 15, 2015 in San Diego.

The goal will be for builders to build homes that are approximately 30 per cent more energy efficient than current Canadian building standards, 50 per cent more energy efficient than an American standard built house.

Based on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, developed by RESNET and supported by CRESNET the Canadian counterpart, the Cross Border Challenge requires the home to meet a HERS 50. A HERS index of 100 represents the energy use of a standard American house, while an index of 0 indicates that the house uses no net purchased energy (net zero). The United States Department of Energy’s Builders Challenge requires builders to meet a HERS 70.

The Cross Border Builders Challenge = HERS 50 or better

  • How do you know if your project meets the Cross Border Builders Challenge?
  • Approximately an EnerGuide 81/82 rating or higher including some of the following features (under normal conditions with natural gas)
  • Air tightness 2.0 ACH @ 50Pa or better
  • Increased thermal envelope performance, especially above grade walls
  • 80% to 100% energy efficient lighting (CFLs, LEDs, pin-based) and/or energy efficient appliances
  • 14 SEER air conditioner or better
  • Drain water heat recovery and/or high EF for DHW
  • ECM motors – heating distribution system and ventilation system
  • High efficient HRVs
  • Low SHGC glazing – especially west, south elevations
  • Solar renewables – PV, solar thermal and solar air panel/s

Submit your house today

Builders can submit their house with HERC report and photo to Rod Buchalter. The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2015. For more information view the press release here or read the announcement article from RESNET here.

The 2015  winners will be announced at the 2015 RESNET Conference Feb. 15, 2015 in San Diego. This award has been generously supported by Renewability Energy Inc. and Icynene Spray Foam and co-sponsored by CRESNET and RESNET.

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