Sustainable Housing Foundation Helps Promote the HERS Scale

October 2, 2014 release:

HERS scale recommended to builders looking to achieve homes that are “Better than Code”

The Sustainable Housing Foundation has further endorsed the use of the HERS scale by creating two new videos promoting HERS to builders and to municipal officials. John Bell, Chairman of the Foundation, states that “SHF is all about increasing the number of sustainable houses in Canada. We feel that the HERS scale offers builders an alternative to reaching the higher energy efficiency demands being placed on new housing moving forward.”  To this end, the Foundation has produced two videos;

  1. the first is aimed at Builders themselves and offers an easily understood explanation of the HERS scale and the ability to achieve 15% better than code;
  2. The second is aimed at Municipal officials who will need to understand the benefits of the HERS scale in reaching their municipal goals of increasing the energy efficiency of new homes in their communities.

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