Showing the way to Zero Energy

The mission statement is very broad for a new organization.  In order to jump-start this agenda, CRESNET signed an MOU with RESNET of Oceanside, CA in July of 2007.  RESNET is an American Non-Government organization which has developed a full set of standards of practice and technical specifications for rating the energy performance of residential buildings and HERS – a zero based energy rating system where a US code house rates at 100.  HERS is the pre-eminent rating system for residential buildings in the U.S. and RESNET is forming links in Japan, China and Europe as well as in Canada.

CRESNET was given the exclusive right in Canada to use and adapt all the standards of RESNET.  CRESNET undertook to adapt the technical specifications of HERS to calibrate the 100 point to better suit Canadian Codes and practices. Much of the work of adapting the American standards for the Canadian environment as been completed, including a Canadian HERS course and exam.  Until finalized, the RESNET Standards are being used in Canada.


CRESNET is a Canadian national, non-profit corporation which was formed in March of 2007. An annual general meeting is held where members may nominate and vote for board members and help set the direction of the organization. A copy of the by-laws are available by request.