Levels of Membership

CRESNET has three levels of membership — Full, Associate and Information members. All members receive access to the discussion group.

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Full Membership – $250/yr.
• Full memberships are available to principle representatives of companies which are active in the industry.  Full members have general voting privileges and are eligible for nomination to the board.

Associate Membership – $125/yr.
• Associate memberships are available to employees of full members and who are active in the industry.  Associate members have general voting privileges.

Information Membership – $125/yr.
• Information memberships are available to representatives of companies which are not active in the industry but would like to keep up to date with the activities of CRESNET.  Information members do not have voting privileges.

Full and Associate members are required to be active in the residential energy and/or green rating industry as employees of rating and advisor companies, of QA provider companies or service organizations, as training providers, of software providers or of builders which use rating services.

Help to Build Your Industry

As a CRESNET member your voice will be heard and respected. Members are invited to participate at all levels.
Use the E-Scale. Participate in the group discussions, volunteer on committees, attend annual general meetings, vote for board members, help set the direction of CRESNET and your business.

Sign Up Now

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Membership Type [Full ($250/yr),Associate ($125/yr),Information Only ($125/yr)]


You can also download and mail in the CRESNET membership application form with your payment.